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Coming Soon…

I have a bad case of the Looming Deadlines, and so have been neglecting the blog with a fierce ferocity. However, I am one paper away from a master’s degree, and will immediately start posting after that.
I have some cool stuff in the pipeline: A book review, a reflection on Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Freedom, and an annotated bibliography of Doctor Who fan comics. Seriously, you should read this blog.

Until then, here’s a pretty picture of spring flowers from a recent trip to Butchart Gardens.


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Participatory Culture is our Generation’s Greatest Coup.

Did you read that? Making a world!
I would argue that we’ve been making worlds, plural. We live in an ecosystem of realities, where the virtual and the real shape each other in extraordinary ways.
I am hopeful about us.

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Let’s discuss important things.


Much bigger minds than mine have tackled the subject of employment in libraryland, but it is on the forefront of my mind as I work on the last six credits of my Master’s degree.

A lot of people who currently have jobs are giving me well-meaning advice about the “right job” coming along, but I need a “right-now job”.  Recent trends in popular culture point to positive thinking as a way of getting what you need from the universe, but I’m quite skeptical.  Every time some family member or friend asks me how my job hunt is going, I feel like I have to smile and make it sound better than it is, when really I just want to break down and cry hysterically.

What do you think of this video?

Is there some way we can use our collective power to change libraryland for the better?

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Book Report: Freak Show by James St. James

Oh my word!  Girls, boys, and other people, you have to read this book.  This is the ultimate misfit coming-of-age novel and it is FABULOUS! Look for it in your local public library (Worldcat Link)!

Cover of the book Freak Show by James St. James

Read this book.

St, J. J. (2007). Freak show. New York: Dutton Children’s Books.

Written by drag-queen James St. James  (see his Wikipedia entry), Freak Show tells the story of the young Glitteroid Billy Bloom who, following an altercation with his mother, is sent to live deep in the swamps of Florida with his father.  His absent father sends him to a private school for upper-class problem children, and there Billy is ostracized, mocked, beaten, and otherwise abused because of his flair for fashion.  Luckily for all of us readers, Billy’s spirit is not crushed.

What follows is a whirl of high school drama, news reports, parade floats, ball gowns, tiaras, wigs, hunky football stars, and scarlet letters. Go Billy Bloom!

I’m not giving away any more!

The voice!  The voice!  I have never been nor known any Transvisionary Glitteroids, but I believe every word coming out of Billy’s mouth.  He IS the precocious tranny that St. James wants him to be.  I am a convert.  I want to BE Billy Bloom.

The jacket cover says James St. James is “working on” a second novel.  Please, write faster!

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Forget the Good! Here is the Bad and the Ugly.

OK, so here are my embarrassing books. Some are self-explanatory, others are a bit stranger.
To begin, you must know that my tastes generally lean towards silly science fiction, classic young adult literature in English and in French, Historical non-fiction (usually relating to Canada or Soviet Russia), and heavy epic novels, so you can see why a collection of self-help and diet books would cause some embarrassment.

Now the list:

Family Ties that Bind: A self-help guide to change through Family of Origin Therapy (Worldcat link)

Yes, my life is that messed-up that I have worked through this book. I actually found it interesting and somewhat helpful, although for my large and convolutedly blended family I had to do some acrobatics to work it out.

It is not my usual fare, and I generally don’t like trite “personality tests” masquerading as self-help. Whatever. You don’t know me!

The G.I. Diet (and all that goes with it).

I tried it. It worked for like, a month, but I got really sick of fat-free yogurt and not being able to eat eggs. It’s embarrassing because I think that people judge me when they see it (I am definitely not skinny).

365 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Dinner Menus.

This book was designed for harried housewives. It contains recipes that call for ingredients like Cool-Whip, Jello and Mayonnaise-type spread. Some of my favorite foods come from this book.

Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Plan B; Further thoughts on faith

Anne Lamott is the ultimate hippie Christian. She reminds me of my mom, her books are full of little anecdotes and stories and I cry when I read them. That is all.


This book is about healthy teen sexuality. It is embarrassing because the main character names her boyfriend’s penis Ralph.

May I Have This Dance?

This is a book that guides you through monthly meditations. I bought it because I needed to relax. It’s really not all that embarrassing, except that I’m not really the guided meditation type.

Extreme Vinyl Cafe

This book was given to me as a gift. It is embarrassing because I actually enjoyed it.

Le Bon Usage (also known as “le Grevisse”)

It is embarrassing how excited I was to get this book. I did a minor in French. It is the Bible of French grammar, spelling, and word usage. It is also embarrassing because I have a hard time understanding it.

Serenity Role Playing Game and The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth

I have permanent membership in the Geek club, along with This guy

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